Case Studies

Art Prints – E-Commerce Client

This client is one of the biggest sellers of art prints in the world and we started working with them at the beginning of 2019. All work has been technical and on-site optimisation so far with no content creation and link building yet.

Results so far:

What we Did

  • Full technical SEO audit
  • Indexation audit and fixes to reduce SERP bloat
  • CRO audit
  • Correlation analysis and on-page optimisation for all category and sub-category pages (500+ pages)
  • Internal link audit
  • Blog post optimisation
  • Reduction of crawl depth using menus on key pages
  • Meta data review
  • Supporting content ideation


Local Client – Digital Advertising

Competitiveness: High

These keywords are very competitive with a very high CPC on Google Ads. Successful conversions for this client can be worth £100k+ LTV.


Content Website Client

Competitiveness: Medium

This client came to us in late 2018 with this content site with a brief to build traffic. A heavy content strategy was used for this site concentrating on high-quality content with no link building done. They are a small budget client but it shows what can be done with a good content strategy.

They have just done over 80k page views in December 2019:


Jewellery E-commerce Client

Competitiveness: High

We started working on this site in August 2016 and they had an excellent 2017 for organic search. Organic traffic was up +37% and organic revenue was up +17% on the previous year, meaning an extra £134k.

Results for 2017:

What we Did

  • Extensive keyword research & URL mapping
  • Technical SEO audits – as well as the standard audit stuff there was a heavy focus on getting thin pages out of the index
  • Advanced on page optimisation
  • Switch over to https – we suffered no loss of traffic
  • Optimising all category pages with new content, page titles and Meta descriptions that included keywords, CTAs and USPs to encourage click through
  • Updating image filenames and alt tags – descriptive alt tags that describe the image rather than just stuffing the keywords in
  • SERP correlation analysis
  • Page speed recommendations
  • Mobile friendly recommendations
  • Set up heat maps to track user actions on site and inform CRO
  • Created subcategory pages to increase the number of keywords being targeted
  • Created high quality topically relevant content related to category pages on the blog
  • Strategic internal linking
  • Citation building campaign
  • Competitor analysis to inform decisions
  • Featured snippet optimisation
  • TF-IDF and semantic content optimisation
  • Implemented schema markup including review schema to display in SERP listings
  • Optimised product pages
  • Optimised all existing blog content
  • Created hero content to use as link bait
  • Link building campaigns for hero content
  • Guest posting campaigns