We do white hat SEO with a strong technical focus

How we do SEO for our clients

Our approach to SEO is highly strategic and we mix a focus on great technical and on page SEO with high quality link building campaigns. We tailor a bespoke plan for each new client based on the industry and competiton but this is the general process we use for clients:

Account Set Up:

Competitor analysis – looking at competitor websites to see what they are doing in terms of their on-site SEO, assessing the content and keywords they are targeting and analysing their backlink profiles.

Keyword research & URL mapping – using several tools, information from yourselves and competitor data to create a master document of keywords for all pages on the website. This will be used for all future onsite optimisation and content creation.

Rank tracking set up – will adding an agreed target keyword set into my rank tracking software so we can see ranking progress for individual keywords over time.

Conversion selection & tracking set up – deciding what will count as conversions on the website and set up tracking if possible.

On-site optimisation:

Switch to https (optional but recommended) – https is the secure encrypted version of http and soon the Chrome browser will start warning users when it is not used.

Structural analysis – checking site structure and making recommendations.

Development of targeted landing pages – creating static landing pages based on keyword research and the different features of the tool / problems it solves. This will allow the website to compete for a much wider set of keywords.

Full crawl and technical audit of the site – checking the technical set up of the site and fixing any errors.

Optimizing key on page SEO elements – optimisation of page titles, Meta descriptions, headings, alt tags and image filenames using the keyword research.

Content audit and optimisation – analysis of existing content to check quality. Rewriting and optimising existing content and suggesting new content.

Blog content strategy and calendar – long term strategy for creating high quality topically relevant content to bring in targeted traffic to the website, support product pages and aid brand discoverability.

Strategic internal linking – building targeted internal links to build relevancy within the website and creating content silos.

Site speed audit – checking page load speed for all key pages and suggesting improvements.

Mobile optimisation – checking the mobile version of the site to make sure there are no issues on smaller devices.

Schema markup – implementing any Schema markup code as necessary.

Heat map set up – installing heatmaps to see how users are interacting with the website.

CRO audit – analysis of the user journey and UX of the site and optimising for conversion.

Audience research & creating personas – building a profile of the target audience to use for content creation.

Data led content optimisation (ongoing) – using tools such as Google search console to optimise content based on user data.

Creating topically relevant content (ongoing) – creating topically relevant content based on keyword research, market research and audience profiles.

Website crawls and technical health checks (ongoing) – things change frequently on websites so regular crawls and checks are essential.

Keeping up with and adapting to search engine updates (ongoing) – these happen frequently and it is essential to keep on top of them.

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